0 Chang Jiang 750 built by Bandit9

Bandit9 owner Daryl, acquired this CJ750 to use as a base for his first "guinea pig" project bike. The customised CJ750 titled "Loki" was a test of Daryl's ability to piece together a custom bike in Beijing where he now resides. Loki was torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. The bike was an ex-military model so it had seen it's fair share of use. The Chang Jiang 750 was China's derivative of the Soviet IMZ M-72 which was a spin off of BMW's 1938 R71. The CJ750 was typically produced with a sidecar and was used by the Chinese military in the late 50's/early 60's.
we can expect to see more great custom motorcycles rolling out of the Bandit9 workshop. Daryl's next bike the Bandit2 is already in production and you can catch glimpses of it on the Bandit9 blog or in Bandit9 Web. Enjoy!

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