0 Mac Motorcycles from London

The Story so far...
How do you do? Welcome to Mac Motorcycles. Last year I started to cast around
for inspiration. I wanted to take something from the simplicity and non-conformity that unites the chopper builders with the philosophy of the Italian singles manufacturers from the 1950s and 1960s and the spirit of competition specials that of taking something standard and improving it. Uniting all this in a belief that the riding experience and the stories that go with motorcycle journeys seem to have been sanitized by technology and plastic. We took all this, wrote the design brief and started 'Mac Motorcycles'. Take a look of his website here

2 Harley FXDL Café Racer

This Dyna was built by Selected Custom Motorcycles (SCM) who are based in Yokohama – the Japanese region made famous by quality tires. SCM specialise in building Harley choppers, but also like to dabble in café racers. The bike is named ‘Eleanor‘ and she possesses some of the most impressive custom pipes we have seen in a while – the way they curve behind the rear suspension is a work of art. The beautiful pins striped café seat and tank were also custom built by the guys at Selected.

1 The Paradise.....

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0 More from Blitz Motorcycles, MUSIC VIDEO RIDING SEPTEMBER

0 Engraving for Verona 2011


News from Blitz Mototcycles!, Beautiful video with after effects solution!

0 Cool Honda CX 550 by Wrenchmonkees

This Wrenchmonkee CX 550 won the Open Class on Forever2wheels Custom Show competition. I love this bike!!!!!!


Getting salty in all the right places at the house of simple pleasures. deus.com.au

0 1978 XS650 CAFÉ RACER by Deus

1978 XS650 from Deus Customs on Vimeo.

0 Vintage Cycle Services promo

0 Kz 400 by BR Motorcycles from Italy


After, but in progress........

1 Legend's Car, a small race car from the 30's

What is a Legends Car? It's a 5/8 scale replica of a 1930's Ford or Chevrolet sedan or coupe. They were created in 1992 by 600 Racing Inc. of North Carolina to address the spiralling cost of motorsport.
These wee beasties boast a gutsy 125bhp Yamaha motorcycle engine and are capable of speeds well in excess of 210 Km/h. The Legends Car is a real race car, consisting of a tubular frame and roll cage, a locked differential and tight, responsive steering. It was originally designed for oval track racing but the car is equally comfortable on a conventional circuit when properly prepared.
Strict rules limit modifications, keep the costs down and reveal the talents of the drivers. Equal performance and reversed grids guarantee fast, exciting and dramatic racing. If you want to know more about this cars, Here