0 2004 Triumph Bonneville by CRD Cream Motorcycle

Here we have the new creation of  Cream Motorcycles, "project bonnie" a 2004 Triumph Bonneville, simple and with very pure lines, as it should be a motorcycle, which have become constant for CRD Friends. The Biggest Changes are at the back, with a new seat, modified subframe and new fender. Also CRD Slightly reposition the tank to Enhance the lines of the bike new, simplified the wiring, and Moved the ignition key to the chassis. and did not have to be otherwise, carries firestone deluxe wheel 19' at the front and rear 18', Renthal handlebars, kitaco speedometer, enduro style lights control among other things, no doubt an ideal bike for day to day practice and notorious. Enjoy!


0 Cafe cowboy, CB750

"A Film i shot about Dustin Kott, the Californian bike builder who makes custom British style Cafe racers out of old japanese bikes. I met Dustin in LA on a Harley-Davidson shoot, and was intrigued how a classic American who looks like he should be building Choppers, was passionate about little old Brit bikes, and was using cheap 70s Japanese bikes to make lovely custom Cafes."

0 Tattoo Ink Explosion 2 - The Movie // Black´n´White Version

Filmed and produced by Dirk Behlau, Music by Hank Cash , http://www.tattooinkexplosion.com



0 Lil Sara and her triumph Bobber

 Always great to see the fairer sex owning and riding fukin awesome custom bikes. Here's Lil Sara and her Triumph Bobber. Check out more shots of Lil Sara and her Triumph Bobber.

0 Blitz R60/2 The Great Escape by Blitz Motorcycle, video

A new release from the mighty Hush studio of France. You will all remember Blitz Motorcycles-Hush last video. Check the new one: Enjoy!

2 Speedfest 2011, Castellar del vallès

La verdad es que este fin de semana ha merecido la pena, motos, hotrods, pin-ups, ropa, accesorios, , birras y un montón de amigos, que más se pude pedir! y es que como cada año Speedfest no decepciona a nadie! Gracias a los Carnales, Siempre locos, a todos, por hacerme un hueco y estar codo con codo, a Mad Crow Garage por el support y el talante de Fernando, insuperable, a Hugo de Brusco lowbrow artworks por ser cómo es, a Alex Patrocinio por su maestría a Marcos de Free Kustom Cycles y en fin! , a todos los Blogeros seguidores de Gas Cap Kustom Blog que habéis venido a apoyarme, a todos los que no habéis podido venir y a todas las nuevas amistades surgidas por Internet, que finalmente les he podido poner cara, Pery de Caferacerdreams, Santi de Sun-T Garage con su Eggsy, Leviathan the king,  etc... a todos Gracias!

Gascap Bike

Los carnales, Siempre Locos, fotos de Juanjo de Aztoon Tattoo studio

Hot.Rods & Dragstar

Weloks bike, mad Crow Garage, Kz 400 el Diablo, Welok artwork

Pery, enganchado por sorpresa

Victor's Bike, handmade

La SR 250 Eggsy de Santi, en venta

Electra Bikes

Zero Engineering of Kiddo motors Barcelona

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