0 BMW R60/2 Great Escape

Vive le France!! Blitz Motorcycles, Independent Custom Garage

0 Yamaha SR 500 48 T, "Honda Tank"

[Photos by Thomas Caplain.] Blitz Motorcycles of France

0 NEW Dot Helmet Bitwell like Arthur Fulmer 50's

Your favorite open-face helmet is available with an all-new feature: DOT Certification. Biltwell, Inc. is proud to present the Hustler helmet, available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, or X-Large. You can find more info on the new Biltwell, Inc. DOT Hustler helmets on the Helmet FAQ page, including comparisons between the Hustler, Fulmer V2 and Bell 500 open face helmets and photos of them in action! More info Lowbrow Customs

0 New jewels from Heiwa Motorcycles, Hiroshima Japan

Yamaha SR 400

Kawasaki W 650

0 The Carnations.....Enjoy!

0 Japan Bobbers

Some Cool Bobber Pics from Japan, Hidemo Constructor and lifes goes on Blog. Enjoy!

0 Pulsejet Bobber, by Bob Maddox

Bob Maddox, possible lunatic and the world's pre-eminent expert on pulsejets, has just finished his latest creation. he's gone and mounted a monster pulsejet with a split exhaust onto a bike he's calling the Harley Davidson Sportjet. Apart from a Harley-ish tank design I'm not quite sure what it has to do with Milwaukee, though it would seem about as safe as your average Harley and probably has the handling to match. With that said, I'm not sure how keen I'd be to ride a bike with no suspension, a sprung saddle and spoked wheels at 200mph.

0 Supercool Bowchopper and bobber, Japan