0 Crd#16 Yamaha SR 250 "Atómica"

Here we have the new project from Crd Cream Motorcycles, a Yamaha SR 250 called from the owner "Atómica". it’s as simple as they come: a bulletproof, aircooled 239cc single, uprated with a Mikuni carb and a custom megatron exhaust system built in-house with Db-killer inside. An original enduro Crd headlight Black, wheels are shod with period-style Continental TCK 80 on both tires, apart at the request of the owner, has a surfing support integrated in the chassis, all the look of the bike has been transformed with new paint, an elegant touch of paint, new fenders and a new brown seat typical from Crd. And best of all is that you can buy all of this custom parts: the headlight, brown grips, megatron, etc... on Crd Online Store, Enjoy!

Photography by Rafa Gallar

0 Jesse Rooke's Darla

Jesse's unique design style is a direct result of his long history in motorsports. Jesse's involvement in AMA roadracing, motocross, auto racing and shifter karting all played a role in creating his style which blends form, function, simplicity and performance into machines that perform as well as they look.

The lines are smooth and classic, seamlessly blending one curve into the next. The designs are deceptively simple with no extraneous additions that add weight and detract from performance. Jesse's bikes are the ultimate expression of a racers' mentaiity fused with old-school chopper cool. If you want to see more about, please check here, enjoy!

2 Yamaha Blaster by Deus ex Machina Australia

Availability Specifications Capacity: 225cc Base Model: The full Monty for this TW, sporting an alloy tank, air box removal kit, extended swing arm, and made famous by Deus, quick release surf racks. In Stock at The House Of Simple Pleasures

0 Born Free

Motorcycle builder Andy Carter from Pangea Speed has been invited to build a custom bike for an upcoming show in L.A. Take a deeper look at Andy burning the midnight oil while he mashes some metal for his newest creation. More about Born Free 4 on the Born Free blog
Music: Rest Your Bones by Waylon Thornton

0 Akrapovič Morsus World First Ride

0 Ossa Prototype

0 Boris ‘Bob’ Guynes’ Suzuki T500 Titan

Quick, agile, light and reliable, Suzuki’s T500 bucked conventional thinking about two-strokes and the trend towards big four-strokes in the late ’60s and was generally a smooth, successful and pretty bike.
This particular bike is Boris ‘Bob’ Guynes’ Suzuki T500 Titan, and it goes a little beyond just pretty.

Bob, a self-admitted “scoundrel, into bikes and speed” and veteran of the Bonneville salt flats, built the bike with Ron Grant and has campaigned it in vintage motorcycle racing. A fabricator and model-maker by trade, his skills shine in this incredible machine. It’s built from period-correct bits to be absolutely immaculate. A work of art.

The bike is part of Bob’s as yet undocumented, but reportedly miraculous, collection of motorcycles. Automotive photographer TJ Grewal, who is responsible for the beautiful photos you see here, is set to change this and get to photographing Bob’s collection shortly.
While you wait, check out TJ’s collection of automotive and motorsport art on his website here, including his full set of shots of the T500.
Photography © TJ Grewal, prints available here
Via Bike Exif

0 L’atelier di Roberto Rossi

L’atelier di Roberto Rossi is a dream factory in the Italian countryside, Roberto Rossi is a romantic, he’s pragmatic, and he’s more than a little colorblind. He’s a dreamer who re-styles modern age Harleys with the eye and malice of an old enthusiast. Watch the full video to see the glimpse of Roberto Rossi’s custom world. Visit RobertoRossi Blog


from "Call It Blazing", out on Lefse/La Tempesta/Tannen/Moor Works
- Giovanni Collina
- A Classic Education
- Gang (Erika Belluzzi, Luigi Jj Stigliano, Elena Belluzzi, Sara Marcato, Germana Bargoni, Giorgia Mandriani)

0 Hill climb, Japan

Some nice recent pictures from the Higherground blog. Good stuff! Check it here


2 THE NEW HARLEY DAVIDSON SEVENTY-TWO, a film by Benedict Campbell