1 BMW R100 "RUBY RING" by Crd Cream Motorcycles

This incredible Bmw R100/980cc, made it by the friends of Crd Cream Motorcycles have an engine upgraded by BMW specialists MaxBOXER. The 1983-model twin has been boosted from 980 to 1040cc, with lightweight high-compression pistons. They’re running a 7mm shorter stroke, but a large overbore. The heads have been ported, with new valves fitted, and a dual-plug ignition system installed. The carbs, are Dell’orto, with K&N filtration, and a custom exhaust system built by GR expressly handmade to Crd. The entire structure of the R 100RT is new, and is now anchored by Hagon Nitro shocks. The bars are Renthal Ultra Lows, and the pegs are from Tarozzi. Continental TKC 80 Twinduro dual sport tires give the bike a measure of off-road ability. Really amazing don't you think?
If you want to see more pictures or the full tech information, please visit CRD Website

Photography by Rafa Gallar

0 SWM TL 320, 1980 trail bike by Lorenzo Buratti. Italy

If you want to know more about Lorenzo Buratti, here

2 Utah, gimme two wheels.

OOOOH my god!!! I wanna be here! Put it on fullscreen, sit down, relax,  and enjoy my friend!! have a good weekend!

0 Young Spirits, Belgian Classic TT 2012

Young Spirits, Belgian Classic TT 2012 from Tim Buys on Vimeo.
Gedinne, a char­ming lit­tle vil­lage at the bor­ders of a nice pad­dock. On the edge of that pas­to­ral pad­dock a beau­ti­ful road that climbs and des­cends, tur­ning left and right, and which, for­ced by the logics of ben­ding and swee­ping in all kinds of direc­tions, ends up where it first star­ted. Which turns out to be very prac­ti­cal when you want to lap that road on your motor­cycle. Lap­ping this road seve­ral conse­cu­tive times you end up having a race, a beau­ti­ful race, a hot race! As eve­ry­body wants the che­que­red flag first all ends up in the heat of the fight. And because of that heat they get thirsty, so some of them decide to mount a tent, put some tables and chairs in it, and a bar, of course.
Need­less to say that those guys were Bel­gian adepts of clas­sic racing motor­cycles. So they foun­ded a club they named CRMB (Clas­sic Racing Motor­cycles Bel­gium). An English name yes, because as good Bel­gians they thought it sounds bet­ter that way.

We’d like you to know that the races are open to all pre 1972 motor­cycles and that you can take a one-off licence for this event, so there’s no excuse not to come and join us in the most beau­ti­ful race of the year at the most beau­ti­ful Bel­gian race­track . Pass the mes­sage and see you all in Gedinne!


0 Street Vintagebike Meeting 2012 Vol.2

More pictures from the SAND FLATS SPEEDWAY, beach race in Japan.
All pictures are from, Sparetime Blog Enjoy!


UNTITLED: BESPOKE MOTORCYCLES are a non brand of Bike builders, who strip down old bikes to their basics and focus on engine rebuilds powerful enough to wake the dead!

"My idea was to move away from the cliche montage of bike shots normally associated with Motorbike Brand films due to the nature of the back to basics build for these bikes and create a narrative that treats the bike as a presence using the roar of the rebuilt bikes engine to tell a narrative of the bikers experience riding the bike and taking a shortcut through....Hell!."


Nice pictures from the beach race in Japan. All pictures are from Bentenkozou http://07770512.blogspot.nl/