0 Wheels and Waves 2014

Wheels and Waves 2014 from Manuel Portugal on Vimeo.

0 BMW R100 TRACKER HP of 1979 by Fuel

0 Fuel R100 Strasse, a BMW R100 RS from 1979

Based on a BMW R100 RS from 1979 the Fuel R100 Strasse (“Street” in german) was commissioned by Pablo, an enthusiast of classic motorcycles, restless traveler and fan of Apple products.

He dreamed with a motorcycle where aesthetics have more relevance than performances  a bike to get around the streets of Barcelona and even for some of the dirt tracks that you can find  around. A bike to look at and be seen.

The basic idea in terms of design was to get a motorcycle with simple and clean lines where each part of the bike was very defined by color or materials so for example, the tank and fenders are a block, the engine was totally painted for getting another visual block. the chassis and subframe in sand color it’s another one ...

The tank was a very important part for the look of the bike so  we made a lot of tests using diferents technics to get an aged metal aspect finally achieved using bitumen of Judea plus a clear coat for protection.

A powerful and small lithium battery was hidden in the air filter box to get a cleaner design ... on the right side of the box a little battery disconnector was adapted and installed.

The headlight is from a classic motorcycle trial, a powerful Motogadget speedometer was installed and the ignition was relocated on the side.
The rear taillight was installed inside the seat for a cleaner look.

On one side of the bike a small metal case build in Poland gives a military look at the bike.
In a word, a motorcycle to get lost with style through the dark streets of Berlin city itself.

Technical specs:

BMW R100 RS 1979
70 cv
2 cylinders 4 stroke
24l fuel capacity
193 km/h top speed

Main mods:

Front light and bracket from a classic motorcycle trial
Motogadget speedometer
Lithium battery Ballistic
Streetbar handlebar from ABM
Bespoke seat
Hoske exhaust
Conic Air filter
Biltwell brownn  grips
Bespoke fenders
Auxiliar light
Russian case
Ikon shocks
Progressive springs

0 Tom Fugle, Nice video by Scott Pommier

Tom Fugle from scott pommier on Vimeo.

0 Joe King Helmets

JOE KING HELMETS from SETE18 Audiovisuals on Vimeo.

0 Road, by Blitz Motorcycles

ROAD from FLAMINGO on Vimeo.

0 BMW R100 RS by Crd Cream Motorcycles

0 Hanni El Khatib - Family (Uncensored Video)

Hanni El Khatib - Family (Uncensored Video) from Innovative Leisure on Vimeo.


0 The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show

Concluding the evening before Marquez would claim yet another first place MotoGP finish, The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show I in Austin, TX was back-to-back days of staggering awesome. Thousands of #motonerds strolled in and out of the doors of our space those two days to soak in everything available: custom motorcycles, The Wall of Death, art, vintage and customized jackets, food, booze, music, and camaraderie. We had the distinct pleasure of spending time with old friends and making new ones that all share the same passion for anything and everything bespoke. We'd like to thank everyone that came out for the event, be it builders, artists, or just folks stopping by to ogle. None of this was possible without your support. We'll see you next year!

0 Brutale 910 by Mad Crow Garage

This is bike to which no-one could be indifferent. This is one of those bikes that may create some controversy , there will be those who agree with the results and certainly others who say they would have done otherwise, but this is what Fernando, the owner of Mad Garage Crow has come up with. The base is a “Mv Agusta brutale 910s” which has undergone a transformation to become, a " Scrambler", if we can call it that . Among perhaps the most significant changes are the “Karoo3 Metzeler” tires giving the bike an aggressive edge . The handwards , supermotard fender , screen and fog lamps , create some harmony, and the additional mix like the fairing, tail and exhaust pipes , make for a thoroughbred on the road. Perhaps driving on dusty dirt roads may not be the most suitable for this slick machine, but it could be seen alongside modern 4x4 vehicles. For paint Fernando went with satin black and gold, a combination that never fails. This motorcycle is 100 % Mad Crow Garage, built entirely in our studio/garage in Corbera de Llobregat, all the customization including paint and seat upholstery were created by Fernando . Photography cortesy by Jordi Cortés