0 The Build

The Build is an interactive film exploring the world of custom motorcycle making through the stories of three independent builders in Portland, OR. View the full experience, including shop tours, bike builds and builder information at: thebuildfilm.com
Directed by Truen Pence · Produced by Davis Priestley · Edited by Kyle Stebbins · Made by Instrument weareinstrument.com


Since he was young he's been fascinated with putting things together - especially motorcycles. But he's much more than your typical "gear head." Max Hazan builds custom motorcycles -- by hand.
In this installment of FI:c's collaborative film series with Cinema Mercantile we explore the hand-crafted artistry behind Max's creative process. This story was filmed at Hazan Motorworks in Green Point, Brooklyn and was shot using the Canon C-100.

0 CRD#38 BMW R90/6 by Cafe Racer Dreams

Enjoy with the latest construction of Crd Cafe Racer Dreams a BMW R90/6  with the typical Touch of Crd, minimal, classic and with pure class an authentic masterpiece, perhaps, or rather, my favorite!
Images courtesy of Rafa Gallar.


0 D&o at The Bike Shed Event II October 2013

D&o at The Bike Shed Event ii October 2013 from Memory Lapse on Vimeo.

0 LONG LIVE THE KINGS -- Blitz Motorcycles

0 Caterham Debuts Its First Ever Motorcycles At 2013 EICMA Show

Catherham is a small Group used to be known for producing a handful of custom Lotus Roadsters each year. Since 2006, the company has diversified, opening several divisions (Caterham F1 Team, Caterham GP2 Racing, Caterham Technology & Innovation, Caterham Composites, Caterham Moto Racing Team Moto2 and Caterham Cars). The company is now entering the motorcycle business and just unveiled in Milan at the EICMA show its first ever 2-wheel models.

The Brutus 750 presented as the SUV of motorcycles. Fitted with an automatic transmission is both a bike you can ride in the street, as an off-road machine or as a snowmobile with a conversion kit taking less than 4 hours to install.
Below, the Carbon E-Bike is a premium bike with modern styling inspired by F1 technology. A limited edition version featuring exclusive F1 input and materials will also be released. The Classic E-Bike, a tribute to the golden age of British motorcycling has a range of 25 to 50 miles and doesn’t require a license in the European Union.
Caterham is also about to launch an environmentally-friendly sportcar being developed with French auto maker Renault, then plans the launch of an SUV and sporty city car.

0 Iron & Air Issue Nine Release Party