0 1978 Honda CM 185T by John Ryland of Classified Moto

Once again, John Ryland of Classified Moto, we surprise with his new creation, this beautiful honda CM 185T of 1978, was built it specially for Ad agency producer Christina Cairo. Aparently she had never ridden a motorcycle before, but loved what Classified Moto were doing and wanted one for herself, like most mortals, I suppose.
There are lots of little bits of personality on this motorcycle, including a quick release nickel-plated basket that incorporates an old Cypress Gardens water ski. The taillight is made from a stainless steel fishing rod holder, the tank was take it from a 1970s Suzuki trail bike and created a stripe out of copper, i love the result! I think it's definitely a bike that you may like or not , but it's clear, that reflects creativity on all sides, and this certainly, can not come from another person, the magician of recycling, John Ryland.

Adam Ewing has again captured some amazing shots of the bike. Enjoy!

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