0 Chris Dodge Street tracker Triumph

Chris Dodge of Streetmaster Motorcycles Video

0 The Mouse Trap By Deus Australia

Donor is a 2008 Yamaha Scorpio 225 sporting a STD rev happy 4 valve head. A complete tear down and de-lug of the chassis. Fabrication of the sub frame and battery box was achieved.
Front and rear fenders are one bespoke. 17 inch rims are laced to stock hubs and the choice of slightly wider rubber used. The motor while stock is breathing through a K&N pod and exits via a custom single header into twin Laser reverse cone puppies. Custom alloy tank and a modified Nitro Heads seat is also used. While the chassis, swing arm, forks and other components were off for paint and powder coat, the engine and box were painted satin black. Electric and kick start is retained. A Sharapova shrieking 4 valve inner city cafe runt. You can see more pictures of the Mouse Trap and other builds on Deus Customs Webside Enjoy!

3 1976 CB 750 by Motohangar

Jon's daily ride, a 1976 Honda Cb750. Modifications include, suzuki trials headlight with h4 bulb, mini mesh tach cover, kawasaki kz tail, jet black paint, low profile leather seat and leather tank strap. Ceramic header wrap, super trapp exhaust. Powder coated wheels wrapped in firestone tires. If you want to know more abot Motohangar Garage, you can check out their website, Motohangar, Enjoy!

0 Chris Hornbecker photography work

"When you’re a self-taught person, there’s no one standing over your shoulder telling you what you can or can’t do. The impossible becomes possible. Spurred by my curiosity to see what can happen, I take on challenges like shooting 368 people in 6 days.
Looking back, I see that my photography has evolved through a series of challenging practices, one driving the other. From skateboarding, snowboarding and dj’ing, where I learned about timing, flexibility, and trusting my instincts, to sewing where I used my design and visual skills, all have influenced one another and, ultimately, affected the way I shoot.
One day, when a friend asked me to assist him, my focus became clear: I started photo assisting fulltime. I worked hard for seven years to help other photographers look good. Then I struck out on my own.
Now I’m driven by the challenge of capturing my imagination in the frame, pulling out the honesty in every subject, bringing what I can see in my own head into a moment in real time."

Currently, he don't have finished custom gallery website yet, but he is working on it if you want you can take a look at their personal work on his website: Chris Hornbecker Photographer


0 News from Deus ex Machina Bali, temple of enthusiasm

0 Sr 400 by Lars Gustavsson, reloaded

Had already spoken of Lars Gustavsson of Sweden, in another entry, in it, presented his SR 400, you can refresh your memory, HERE. Lars, for this 2012, had introduced changes in it, as a two front dorsal, covering part of the engine, made ​​of fiberglass, new handlebar lower, more Caferacer, new front headlight in black, a Handmade gas cap, etc ... and part of it, just launched a new brand, Farmer's racer, and a new website, which oddly enough, you can buy farmer clogs, typical of Sweden, a sickle, matter of tradition and personality, and tarpaulins, rubber does not get dirty while working on your bike, made of car recycling tires. curious?
Ya había hablado de Lars Gustavsson de Suecia, en otro Post, en el, nos presentaba su Sr 400, puedes refrescar la memoria, AQUÍ. pues bien, Lars, para este 2012, nos presenta los cambios realizados en su SR400, como dos dorsales delanteros, que cubren parte del motor, hechos con fibra de vidrio, nuevo manillar bajo, más caferacer, nuevo faro delantero en negro, un tapon de gasolina hecho a mano, etc...  y a parte acaba de lanzar una nueva marca, Farmer's racer, y nueva web, en la que curiosamente, puedes comprar desde unos zuecos, típicos de suecia, una hoz y lonas de caucho para no mancharte mientras trabajas en tu motocicleta, hechas de neumáticos de coche reciclado. curioso no?