2 UGLY CB650 by Ugly Motor Bikes

Honda CB650 rebuilt by UGLY Motor Bikes. Features a new lowered stance, cafe set, all hidden electronics and battery, and new custom paint job. Enjoy!

0 John Lewis - The long wait - Adam & Eve

Today is 25. In a month comes to Christmas. And this post is for those who do not renegais these dates but you keep living like when you were children. A nice Christmas campaign chain John Lewis store in England. A small twist, funny and touching at once. If you already in the ad you put cuddly, wait to see the end!

0 El Diablo Run: A Mexican Motorcycle Adventure DVD EDR Film

Ever wonder what happens when a few hundred bike riders with an insatiable taste for fire, beer and mayhem ride hand-built choppers across twisty, pitted tarmac from SoCal to Baja and back? The El Diablo Run gives freedom-lovers a chance to go places and do things that are simply not possible at home in the USA. Follow this eclectic band of Diablo runners as they comb the beaches, brothels and back alleys of San Felipe and Ensenada on a quest for cheap tacos, loose women and good times.

The El Diablo Run: A Mexican Motorcycle Adventure DVD is now available! Complete with free soundtrack CD and 24-page photo book for only $24.99! More info available at eldiablorun.com and lowbrowcustoms.com.


A beautiful short film by Benedict Campbell, Enjoy!

0 Woodkid - Iron, nice video, spectacular production.

0 New GasCap Online Store Design

From today, we release a new design of our online store, hope that you like! Enjoy!

1 The Tarantulas, Portland USA

The Tarantulas are a collection of motorcycle loving friends in Portland, USA. They are riders and builders of Cafe Racer styled motorcycles and are focused on building a community of like minded people to share their experiences and knowledge with.

The Natural 1976 CB750F SS. "This bike was a couple years in the making off and on. Started as an abandoned bike, was taken to the garage and we immediately started pulling all the useless crap off it. The plan was to create a bike that was “Natural” - brushed metal, gum rubber and leather looking vinyl was used. Originally the back was to be black starting at the downtube on, but James did such an amazing job on the cowel it would be crazy to cover it up. There are still some fabrication needs,some Tarozzi rearsets to mount up and then it will be stripped all the way down and all powder coated"

Smooth Criminal. Couple mods worth noting is the large single tac, braided steel front brake line (removed pressure switch) running up to a mid 90’s cr125 master cylinder. Tons of powder coating and some seat upholstry done by Ginger at New Church

0 CRD#9 Brownie an Honda CB 750 KZ of 1980

Yeaaaahhh! we have it here! The new CB 750 Kz by Crd Cream Motorcycles called "Brownie it's clear why ... is definitely my favorite, my god! I love these 4 exhaust, has clearly gained in speed and power. Believed it was the only unconscious putting old Coneli grips, lol.
If you want to know all the Technical specs click here. Keep on dreaming my friend, Crd is on a roll for a long time! Enjoy!

0 Nice Pan!

0 SR 400 by Deus Ex Machina Indonesia

The Yamaha SR is a staple within the custom bike building world... From Bobbers to Cafe racers, it's versatile frame and bulletproof engine lend their qualities to almost any style you could want to build. 
This new creation from Deus Bali gives good account of it, as has become usual... enjoy!

0 Yamaha XV Virago by Doc's chop

It looks like Classified Moto, strange coincidence .... In any case, I prefer John's Bike. More info at Doc's Chop website

2 Ossa Copa 250, CRD#7 "Grand Prix"

New creation from my dear friend Pery of Crd Cream Motorcycles, an Ossa copa 250 Gran Prix from 1979. Click here if you want more info. Enjoy!