1 Honda CB750 by Vibrazioni Art Design

The Honda CB750 has become the go-to bike for customization. It has been chopped and molded into countless cafe racers, scramblers and some cycles we’re not even so sure about. Most of us here at Selectism are not gear heads — but we find redeeming qualities in aesthetics. That’s where this beautiful custom CB750 comes into play.Meet Vibrazioni Art Design, an Italy-based boutique firm with a knack for creating pieces like furniture from repurposed branded oil barrels. Their latest endeavor is this reworked CB750 featuring original logos from Pennzoil.

0 Moto Borgatoro • The 1979 Moto Guzzi Le Mans

"Motorcycles are basically handbags for men." - Peter Boggia.
This is the unlikely story of a motorcycle mechanic who hates motorcycles, and his undeniable love for building them.

Director • Serrini
Producer • Matt Jacob
Asst. Producer • Chris Lesser
DP • Ramsey Fendall
Asst. Camera • Amanda Mitchell
Moto Borgatoro
Part documentary, part pulp action film, all love and pure passion: "Moto Borgatoro" follows curmudgeon/savant mechanic Peter Boggia and the birth of his custom 1979 Moto Guzzi Le Mans into creation.
Mind you this film is not your normal bike build movie by design; no grinder sparks, no silhouette shots, no dramatic music. Been there seen that. This one is pure adrenaline, and hopefully tightens your pants like riding the bike would.

0 Unapologetic: Soyouz Cycles’ custom Yamaha XS650

Image from Unapologetic: Soyouz Cycles' Yamaha XS650 
Source: BIKE EXIF 


In paying tribute to the XS 650, Yamaha has joined forces with Japanese bike builder Shinya Kimura to produce the new retro-styled XSR 700. The bike joins the company’s sport heritage line, with the motorcycle boasting an overall old school aesthetic. The seat has been done up in supple textured leather, as the rear sub frame can conveniently be customized. An aluminum tank rests in the middle of the bike, which comes in weighing at 186 kilograms.
Just because the new XSR 700 features a retro appearance, that doesn’t mean it’s without some necessary high-grade tech. Such electronics are safe from harm, positioned behind a trick mesh cover. Furthermore, the motorcycle welcomes Pirelli Phantom tires that both look good and provide for a smooth riding experience.
Fans of Yamaha should also check out their recent collab with Iron Heart on this custom cafe racer.

0 Fuel Triten

This bike was commissioned by Uli Bree, the Tridays mastermind, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the event. That’s why the name of the bike..”Tri” for Tridays and “Ten” for the 10th anniversary. The Tridays is one of the greatest Triumph events in the world with thousands of enthusiasts of the english brand who stays 3 days in an small town in Austria enjoying concerts, races, tours, beer and friendship,..

 The donor bike was a Triumph Thruxton EFI from 2014…a bike with a electronic fuel injection , can bus, 865cc air cooled parallel-twin  and 70Hp at 7.400 rpm.
The inspiration came from the old speedway motorcycles which had an small tank, single seat, a very characteristic rear fender and low center of gravity to drifting easily.
So the main mods was to find and adpat and smaller tank , but to do that we had to change the original fuel pump (which is located inside the tank) by an external one, then we shorten the subframe and welded a final curve to fit the solo seat.
The tank was polished and coating with a clear varnish (the same for the fenders)
An small speedometer was located on the frame in order to leave the handlebar “clean” with only the switchs from Motogadget, a classic tommaselli throttle a new brake master cylinder.  New air filtres and front light from Free Spirits makes the racing look and changing the mapping we get some extra horsepower.
We build new fenders specially the rear one with side plate for the number which is very characteristic from the speedway motorcycles. For lowering the bike we mount a shorter Hagon Nitro rear shocks.
Because we couldn’t mount the reserve fuel sensor inside the tank we add an old style reserve visor on the right side of the tank so you can see the fuel level.
For the tyres we got a Bridgestone Trail Wing TW54 and TW53 which gives a very good grip for drifting on dust tracks.
The exhaust collector was cut it and we added a short silencer that gives a stunning sound.
The build tooks 5 months work and we would like to thanks  to Albert and Lucas from Solo Triumph  Barcelona who made all the electronic part and  Brusco (a Barcelona artist) who painted the rear tire lettering.

Technical specs:
Triumph Thruxton EFI 2014
Air-cooled, DOHC, parallel-twin, 360º firing interval
Multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection with SAI
69 Hp  at 7400rpm

Main mods:

Modified fuel tank
Motogadget speedometer
Motogadget switchs
Free Spirits air filter
Free Spirits front light
Hand made fenders
Hand made solo seat
Modified subframe
Bridgestone Trail Wing TW54 and TW53
Tomaselli throttle
LSL handlebar
External fuel pump
Hand lettering tyre

0 1982 Yamaha SR250

Marco Troiano

Marco looked at the 1982 Yamaha Sr250 and rolled up his sleeves. He started modifying thoroughly, shortening it and using a unique rear suspension scheme, with a single shock working in reverse, when in traction instead of in compression. The rear 16” tyre is beautifully and really unusual, being nothing less than a tractor’s front wheel. Genial. And the tank is straight from a 70’s 50cc motorcycle but Marco doesn’t even remember where he got it from, the fairing and fairing’s frame are homemade.

0 About a Build

A short documentary exploring the creative process and craft of custom motorbike building in observing the work of the builder Josh Love. Custom motorbikes are a labour of love. The combination of craftsmanship and creative design is fascinating. From the rebuilding of the engine - the heart of the bike - to the first ride out of the workshop it is a journey of reviving something old to new beauty and elegance.
Director: Joan & Dan
Director of photography : Malte Rosenfeld
Music: Simone Salvatici
Produced by secondskin works
Creative director: Mika Rosenfeld

0 CRD#56 a Yamaha 125cc by CRD


At Fuel we use to build motorcycles with an offroad look as an scramblers or dirt track types but this time starting from a BMW R65 monolever 86' we have builded our first cafe racer project. The new Fuel R65 Racer...A bike with a tank and racing tail, clip-on handlebars, alloy wheels, dual exhaust, footrests racing, etc .. Jorge, the owner, is a young guy who lives and work in Barcelona who gave us complete freedom for building the bike fully trusting on us. Since the beginning we had a very clear idea, to create a bike with a racing aspect but that could ride each day as a gentleman in a suit and tie.

 We think that thanks to their elegant shapes and and a sober colors we have achieved this goal. The gray color of the deposit is the same color used in the Mustang Eleanor (“60 seconds” film) this color with natural light produces a shadow effect giving the bike a sleek and aggressive look at the same time. Starting at the front we got a creative note with a small quarter fairing made with a helmet visor (Biltwell bubble shield) that hides a small and powerful frontlight.

On the top we put only the original BMW tachometer to mark the racing look of the bike and just below the counter a start button. The fuel tank comes from a Laverda 750 SFC and we builded the seat along the lines of deposit to form a harmonious set. The seat upholstery is leather designed like the old racing bikes. Some new collectors to come out the two escapes from the left side gives a racing look.. but not just the look also the noise! Hehe ... The tires we decided to go with a Heidenau K65 that gives a modern performances with a classic look.

The bike was in good condition so we haven't overhauled the engine (just added a competition air filters.)..regarding the suspension, we changed the rear shock for a better Hagon one and mounted a progressive fork springs. For us it has been a very interesting experience because it has been a different project to what we had done so far ... hope you like it!

TECHNICAL SPECS: -BMW R65 Monolever 1986 -Four-stroke two cylinder "Boxer" engine, air cooled -48 hp (33 Kw) -Twin disc -Brembo 2 piston caliper NEW PARTS AND MODS: -Laverda 750 SFC tank -Seat designed and built by Fuel -Small quarter fairing designed by Fuel using a Biltwell bubble shield -Brake pump -Motogadget start button -Original BMW tachometer -Heidenau K65 tires -Alluminium air filters -Odyssey battery -Front and rear fenders modified -Indicators brackets manufactured by Fuel -Ikon rear shock -Racing footrest