0 1978 Honda CX500 By Dave of Moto-Mucci

Dave, the editor and owner of the blog Moto-Mucci, sent me this pics of his first motorcycle, a 1978 Honda CX500 Standard. He bought it off a guy in Michigan, in running condition, along with bins and bins full of spare parts. He's an Industrial Designer by day, so he started out sketching up concepts of what it could look like. It was a real crash course in motorcycle mechanics, but he found that everything was generally much easier then working on a car. He taught himself everything he could in that amount of time and did most of the work. Tony at Analog Motorcycles helped him out with the frame modification and seat pan. The seat itself, he outsourced to Art at Rod's Designs. He completed the build at the beginning of June, and had been riding it for only a few weeks, before a lady backed into it while it was parked. It got knocked over, putting a big dent in the tank, braking some controls, bending the levers, and denting up the headlight. So he ended up having to fix all of that again. Now he's pretty happy with the way it turned out, It's pretty rough around the edges, but he wouldn't want anything cleaner in the city. Chicago has a way of destroying everything you love that's nice and shiny. Good Work Dave! If you want to view or know more about Dave visit his Blog Moto-Mucci! You will not be disappointed. Enjoy!

HONDA CX500 modifications:

- Chopped and fabricated new seat frame
- Custom designed seat
- Clubman style drop bars
- Posh natural grips
- Custom 8" Cherry Bomb muffler with turn-out tip
- Front and rear fenders chopped from a Goldwing
- Dunlop K70 tires
- Tank and side covers painted warm metallic gray
- Wheels, fenders, forks, headlight and headlight brackets powder coated satin black
- 7" Headlight and bucket from SpeedMotoCo.
- Headlight mounts and tail light from DIme City Cycles
- All gauges removed
- Tan DEI exhaust wrap with black plated hose clamps
- New stiffer rear shocks, and 20W fork oil
- Bike lowered 1" front and rear
- Carbs rebuilt
- NOS 70's black pistol grip levers from Japan
- EBC brakes
... and replaced a bunch of OEM parts.http://moto-mucci.blogspot.com/

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