1 Legend's Car, a small race car from the 30's

What is a Legends Car? It's a 5/8 scale replica of a 1930's Ford or Chevrolet sedan or coupe. They were created in 1992 by 600 Racing Inc. of North Carolina to address the spiralling cost of motorsport.
These wee beasties boast a gutsy 125bhp Yamaha motorcycle engine and are capable of speeds well in excess of 210 Km/h. The Legends Car is a real race car, consisting of a tubular frame and roll cage, a locked differential and tight, responsive steering. It was originally designed for oval track racing but the car is equally comfortable on a conventional circuit when properly prepared.
Strict rules limit modifications, keep the costs down and reveal the talents of the drivers. Equal performance and reversed grids guarantee fast, exciting and dramatic racing. If you want to know more about this cars, Here


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